Friday, March 12, 2010

Unexpected elites: Emogg the Crusher

As I mentioned in my introductory post, patch 2.3.0 brought with it changes for the old world. Before that there were areas of the world where the mobs were elites, meaning questing in those areas was significantly harder. With the patch, most of these elites lost their status and became demoted to "normal" mobs. As a result, the quests concerning them also became "normal" quests instead of group quests.

However, nobody seems to have bothered telling this to the rarespawns. To this day there are rare mobs which spawn in these formerly-elite areas which are still elites.

Emogg the crusher is one of them.

The lair of the ogre

Emogg is an ogre found in Loch Modan, in the Eastern Kingdoms. He can be found wandering around the grounds of the Mo'grosh stronghold in the south-eastern corner of the zone, south of the loch itself. As mentioned, all the ogres in this small area were previously elites (and the focus of some tough quests from Thelsamar) but are now all normal mobs, except Emogg.

The ogre's appearance

Emogg is not an unusual ogre. He is rather small, definetly smaller than his ogre brethren. He walks around carrying a bloodied cleaver, but has no special attacks or abilities to speak of.

Emogg does not have any special lore attached to him. The Mo'grosh ogre clan have become a thorn in the side of the dwarves of nearby Thelsamar, particularily the ogre leader Chok'sul. No doubt Emogg is another prominent figure in the clan, probably a subchief of some sort.

He does not have any unique drops either, so at the very best he will provide you with a random uncommon item.

A final note regarding his name. I have seen a few wowhead comments which make the clever deduction that the names of many ogres are puns, often based on netspeak. Emogg's name could be read as "Emo, GG" (That is "emo, good game"), but this is speculation. Since we'll eventually see an ogre with a name starting with "OMG", it's not such a weird idea, though.

I wonder why several rare mob ogres are so small?


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