Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Memories of stone: Boulderheart

I asked a good friend what kind of creature type she wanted me to feature in this journal a few days ago, and she said she wanted to see a giant. Now, there aren't many rare mob giants in the game, but the ones that do exist are really cool. I'm not sure exactly what it is about the design and story of the giants of Warcraft that appeals to me, but they always catch my interest.

Boulderheart is no exception.

The little giant who could

Boulderheart is a mountain giant with an unusual orange-green coloration not often seen in the game. He is also (as far as I could find) the lowest level giant-type mob in the entire game. At level 25 and not elite, Boulderheart is much less powerful than most of his peers.

Boulderheart can be found at Stonewatch Falls in Redridge in the Eastern Kingdoms. The giant can be found roaming a very small area just east of the falls, north of the small camp of humans. His home area overlooks the gnoll camps surrounding the Tower of Ilgalar, but he usually wanders well out of sight of those more well-traveled parts of Redridge.

What's his story?

Boulderheart is, despite his low level, not a physically small being. He seems to be about on size with other "smaller" giants found in the game (like Fozruk from Arathi). He stands as tall as a small tree, still an imposing sight.

Unfortunately, we have no clues why Boulderheart is there. He does not fit into any of the forces making Redridge a dangerous place, such as the remaining Blackrock orcs pouring in from the Burning Steppes, or the servants of the warlock Morganth. Quite possibly the giant is just a long-time but reclusive inhabitant of the rocky area, having successfully kept away from the human settlers. In the files of World of Warcraft, the skin used by Boulderheart (and a few other giants in the game) is called "hill giant", but it is unknown if this is a special type of giant or just an out-of-game term.

Either way, Boulderheart has no special abilities and no special drops. Like most rarespawns he will provide a generic uncommon magic item when slain. Personally, I don't think that's worth it. I much rather leave him alive to wander his tiny, secluded spot, knowing someone else will find him.

I encountered this rare once way back in the days of Classic and never saw him since until I began my rarespawn photo safari. It was fun to see him and photograph him again, and make him a bit better known to other people.

Next time you're in Redridge, why not make a detour and see if Boulderheart is there? After all, he may be the smallest giant, but he's still a big surprise.

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Anonymous said...

I like the giants. Sad that he doesn't have any unique loots, but still pretty neat to see. I had no idea the fella was even there.

Ann-Kathrin said...

That's the nice thing about rares, you don't know that they exist until you run into them as a nice surprise.