Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Special murloc double feature! Muad and Deeb

Murlocs are everywhere. From the lakes of the Eastern Kingdoms to the caverns in Zangarmarsh in outland to the icy waters of Northrend. There's no escaping these aquatic marauders and their gurgling warcry has spelled the doom for many an adventurer in the World of Warcraft.

No wonder then, that even in a region dominated by the Forsaken, ravaged by plague and and haunted by the restless dead, murlocs thrive.

Hey, isn't that from...

To get this over with first. Yes, their names, when taken together, sound like Muad'dib, the Fremen name that Paul Atreides adopts in the extremely famous Dune"> series by Frank Herbert (and later others). This is not the only reference to the Dune universe in World of Warcraft, and I suspect someone amongst the developers is quite fond of the series. And the naming pun is the reason I'm presenting these two together, rather than separate.

With that out of the way, who are they and where can they be found?

Muad and Deeb are murlocs of the Vile Fin tribe, a tribe which inhabits the dark shores of northern Tirisfal Glades in the Eastern Kingdoms, constantly vying with the local gnolls for territory.

Now, I will not normally cover two rare mobs in a single post, but due to the pun with their names I pretty much had to do it with these two. Muad is a dark grey murloc and Deeb is a bright green murloc, and like many rares in starter zones they have a rapid respawn time and can be found fairly frequently.

Muad is normally found underwater near a rock formation with a plethora of other murlocs. Occasionally he will swim away from this spot and take a little walk on the shore, only to return to the water again.

Deeb is a lot less active. He can be found in several spots across the two major coastlines of Tirisfal, usually next to some terrain. He stands still, and I've never seen him wander around.

When murlocs attack

There's no lore about either of these two to mention. Both use shaman magic (Muad heals and both of them use lightning attacks) as indicated by them carrying staves. Maybe they are the local shamans of the Vile Fin? Leaders of the tribe maybe?

At any rate, they both have unique drops. Deeb drops a mace called the Cranial Thumper, whereas Muad drops a common quality dagger called the Small Green Dagger. Neither of them can be seen using these weapons, sadly.

It is a testament to murloc tenacity that these two can be found in Tirisfal instead of a more hospitable area. Actually, Elwyn Forest, where many learned to fear murlocs for the first time, does not have a rare mob murloc at all! Odd, isn't it?

Murlocs continue to be fan favorites, and with Cataclysm bringing us more underwater action, I'm sure we'll see much more of them before long.



Cheynegel said...

I had Carm kill murlocs yesterday for finishing up exalted with Stormwind. Quest-related of course, but still, it was satisfying to cut their gurgling warcry, mid-gurgle. MURGLURGLURGL-ERK~! :D

Skulda said...

Yay for murlocs!

Emma said...

Murlocks always seem to have an extra large aggro radius, dont they. Truth or myth?

Dragonshade said...

Good question! Man I wish I knew how to test that.