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Ogres are everywhere: Mojo the Twisted

You may have noted that sometimes I mention that a particular type of creature occurs mostly on one of the continents in the World of Warcraft setting (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend or Outland), but some species are much more widespread. One such exceptionally far-flung type of creature is the ogre.

Today's entry is Mojo the Twisted.

Who is Mojo the Twisted and where can I find him?

Mojo is a rare mob ogre (not to be confused with the frog of the same name) that can be found in the Blasted Lands in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Mojo can be found in or around Dreadmaul Hold, a small ogre base (seemingly taken over from the Horde judging by the tattered banners) in the north-western corner of the zone. Mojo can spawn in three locations that I have seen: Inside the hold itself, patrolling around the outer ring of the building, behind the hold by the rear wall, or up on top of the burned watchtower in front of the hold.

A short story of ogres

The reason for the enormous geographical spread of ogres is because they are intelligent creatures who once came to Azeroth while allied with the orcish Horde. According to legend, ogres arose on Draenor (the planet which later became Outland) as lesser scions of the monstrous immortal gronn. The ogres have a long history of being enslaved by smarter and more powerful beings, and many still are to this day. After the First War, Second and Third war various groups of ogres had deserted from the Horde or found new masters, and spread across Azeroth. Today they are a common sight everywhere but Northrend.

Under the influence of arcane or demonic magic, ogres may mutate and grow two heads instead of one. While two-headed ogres often have problems with the personalities of their heads not getting along, a few have exceptional spellcasting potential and become the much-feared ogre mages. The combination of magical ability and the ability to rip up a small tree is nothing to be scoffed at. Some two-headed ogres may also be warlocks.

Mojo appears to be an ogre warlock, as he uses the standard shadowbolt as his main attack, as well as a shadowbolt volley which strikes many enemies at once. Despite these powers he is not a very dangerous enemy since he can easily separated from the rest of the ogres in the hold.

What's his story?

The Dreadmaul ogres are somewhat special from most other ogre clans in Azeroth in that they directly serve a demon. Having long since defected from the Horde, the Dreadmaul leader Grol pledged his allegiance to the ambitious Dreadlord Razelikh. With demonic power coursing through his veins, Grol quickly enslaved other beings to do his biddings and made his ogres a dangerous force in the Blasted Lands.

Most likely Mojo acts as a warlock and general magical advisor for Grol, presumably being fanatically loyal to the clan's demonic master. Since he always spawns close to Grol, Mojo may be his most trusted magical advisor.

Anything else?

Mojo does not have blue skin or the two-part name (one for each head) common to many ogre mages and warlocks. If killed he yields only a generic uncommon item, and he has no other special traits. All in all a rather average rare mob ogre, who is made cooler by having one of the more interesting and original clans in the old world.

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