Monday, December 13, 2010

*Intermission music*

My computer has been fixed and is running within nominal parameters again. Unfortunately, delay number two hit like a bomb in the form of patch 4.0.3 (the Shattering) and then World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. In short, everything about the old world has changed, and the lives of rarespawns are not exempt.

* Some rares have vanished, and by all accounts are gone permanently.

* Some rares have changed locations, looks or loot. This applies to a large number of them, actually.

* Some new rares have appeared in old zones.

At the moment, everything is totally chaotic. My old rarespawn information is safely preserved, but I need to gather massive amounts of new data to restart the blog properly. Fortunately, right before the Shattering patch hit, I did a final tour of old Azeroth and snapped most of the ambience pictures that I needed to have.

For the future of the blog, I'm planning to do posts which will describe both a pre- and a post-Cataclysm information block for each rare. Despite the disappearance of many creatures permanently, many others have received a lot of attention and are now much more detailed, look cooler or are even mentioned in lore. The last portion makes me feel extra warm and fuzzy, of course.

You may be wondering if I missed out on any rarespawns which have been removed.

The answer is, I don't think I have. There are still three which I have not seen and documented, despite countless stakeouts at every conceivable time. However, I believe that each one of these may still appear within the game. Should this turn out not to be the case, I'll make a blog entry which says just that.

Anyway, this has been your "in the works" report for now. Stay tuned!