Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Geography lesson: Scalebeard

It's really boring to look at a blog and realize there's very little content in it because it just started up, so I see no reason not to keep the pace fairly brisk.

Not many rarespawns are acknowledged in the game at all. And then there are exceptions, like the subject of this post.

Scalebeard is a rarespawn turtle. This in itself is not particularily special, there are a few of them spread out across the old world. Neither does Scalebeard have a unique appearance, he shares it with several other common turtles found in the game.

What Scalebeard does have is a cave.

Scalebeard's Cave is even named after him, making this a quite special occurance. Not only is the existance of this rare mob (and elite) turtle acknowledged, he has a spot of terrain all to his own. Scalebeard's cave is located in the Bay of Storms in Azshara, and consists of little more than a stone hollow in the shattered reaches of the large bay. The shore of the cave are surrounded by animal remains, suggesting the inhabitant is either a predator or a scavenger.

If you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the inhabitant of the cave, he turns out to be a rather sedate sort. Scalebeard is a neutral mob to both factions, and is thus no danger to the unwary. He spends his time ambling about in the cave, and occasionally heading out into the water to swim a few laps around it before returning.

Scalebeard is not particularily large, but has an appealing color scheme and looks rather good as a hunter pet. Once upon a time he was not tameable (possibly owing to his elite nature, I have no idea), but that has since been rectified and he can now be tamed as a Tenacity pet. For more information, consult the quite excellent site Petopia for all your hunter needs.

Azshara is a zone that I find very beautiful to look at, but quite difficult to navigate due to the geography. The two separated peninsulas, the high cliffs and the many mobs all make it difficult to get around. Still, there are many obscure and hidden things to see here, several of which we will see in future installments.

Until then, let Scalebeard remind us that sometimes, even a rarespawn gets his fifteen minutes of fame.


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