Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday bonus feature: Threggil

Since I missed making an entry yesterday (got busy with some game called "World of Warcraft"...) here's today's special bonus feature!

It's easy to forget that the new world tree Teldrassil is only five years old. Certainly something so massive and complex would appear to decades, if not centuries old. And it's also easy to forget when you witness the sheer variety of creatures and geography within it.

One such creature is Threggil, the subject of today's entry.

Who is Threggil, and where can I find him?

Threggil is a rare mob grell who can be found (as already said) in Teldrassil.

More specifically, Threggil can be found inside a small cave called Fel Rock, situated just behind the night elf village of Dolanaar. This cave is infested with grells under the leadership of the vile satyr Lord Melenas, Threggil being the only named grell among the pack.

Threggil is normally found patrolling one of the narrow tunnels of the cave, or wandering around the pool. The cave is quite pretty, with exotic plants indicating the taint of otherworldly energies.

Demon or not demon?

There's a bit of confusion considering grells in the game. Some of these creatures register as humanoids, and can thus be inferred to be "regular" creatures of the world of Azeroth. Others, however, are classified as demons, and thus unnatural beings from beyond.

According to the WoW RPG, grells are "fey", beings associated with the wild akin to nature spirits. The question is further complicated by the fact that the grell model is based on the imp's model, making them look quite fiendish. Apart from grells and imps, creatures using this model can also be known as sprites, homunculi and others, with almost all being classified as demons.

Fun facts about Threggil

Threggil, like almost all starter area rarespawns, has a very fast respawn timer. Furthermore, he has a unique drop, a one-handed sword called the Keen Machete. The machete is part of a very odd category of items, namely bind on equipe common quality loot. Almost all BoE loot of this quality comes from starter area rarespawns, and can thus be sold and given away. The lack of requirements on the machete also makes it a desireable weapon for that most unlikely of character exercises, the level 1 twink.

One nice thing about Threggil is that while he has no lore or anything else to distinguish him, he does wield a large-bladed sword. While it is not identicial to how the Keen machete looks when wielded, it's close enough (none of the other grells in the cave have this weapon). For some reason I find this cool.

Unfortunately, one problem with scaling up the imp model to this size is that the grell model does not look that good. It is even less detailed than many other old models, and looks rather blocky. Notably, their hands cannot close around weapons properly, the weapons often just "floating" in the palms of their hands. You notice the lack of detail less on an imp simply because it's smaller. One truly unsettling thing about the model is that the eyes twitch and the fingers open and close after they die. Seeing a still-twitching body in this game is quite a shock.

And that's Threggil. Not terribly much to say, but a fun mob because of the unique drop which he (sorta) uses in combat and the beautiful surroundings of Fel Rock.

Until next time!

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