Friday, March 19, 2010

Stuck inside of Xavian with the night elf blues again: Prince Raze

I mentioned in a few previous posts that the Highborne were very fond of lofty-sounding titles, displaying their self-proclaimed superiority. I also mentioned how the present-day races that originated from the Highborne are fond of this tradition.

The satyrs are no exception.

This post is about Prince Raze.

Who is Prince Raze and where can I find him?

Prince Raze is a rare mob satyr found in Xavian, a satyr encampment in eastern Ashenvale forest, on Kalimdor. Xavian is very close to Forest Song, an alliance flightpoint and base. Just ride west from the flightmaster and you will find yourself in the middle of the satyr area.

Prince Raze can be found in several spots inside Xavian. I have only seen him standing idle (watching him for extended periods of time), and he does not seem to patrol at all, which makes finding him easier. He can also rather easily be spotted due to his pink/purple coloration, quite different from the other satyr in the area.

Rare and dangerous

Unlike many rares that I have featured so far, Prince Raze possesses some dangerous abilities far beyond those of the surrounding mobs. If you adventure in this area and are far below his level (32) be very careful.

In addition to a fireball and a fire nova, he also knows a skill which may spell doom for a low-level character, a spell called Charged Arcane Bolt which hits for several hundred arcane damage. This spell luckily has a cast time and can be prevented. To add to this, Raze has the same ability as the other Xavian satyrs, a one-shot self-heal which will restore him to full health. This spell can not be countered, so you will effectively have to fight him twice.

Add to this the many potential adds in the area and you have a somewhat tricky situation if you are unlucky.

Demons by choice

The satyrs chose their own fate when they followed their master Xavius into the worship of Sargeras, well aware of the destructiveness of the Legion.

From a real-world perspective, satyrs were introduced as a non-playable enemy race in Warcraft III, having their own buildings in the form of corrupted night elf structures. From the beginning, the night elves have tried to eradicate their foul kin and never quite succeeded. Satyr enclaves exist all over Kalimdor and beyond, as many satyrs entered the service of Illidan Stormrage and departed with him to Outland.

That a satyr in Ashenvale would be brazen enough to proclaim himself "prince" of anything is only another indication of the self-absorbed and vain nature of these fiends. Most likely Raze is or at least considers himself to be the leader and lord of the Xavian satyrs, possibly being the planner behind their attacks on other creatures and settlements. Alas for Raze, he provides no unique drops to befit his status (but he does drop satyr horns for the vengeful dryad questline for alliance).

All in all, a fun little discovery in a familiar area. Even villains need leaders, and maybe even princes.

Until next time, never chose to follow your liege into worship of a fallen titan of enormous power who is the leader of a multi-dimensional army of ravaging demons.


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