Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raiders from Desolace: Stonearm

In this installment of Glimpses of Azeroth we return to the Barrens. Many races have been locked in conflict over this zone for centuries, inluding the tauren, the quillboar and the centaurs. With the aid of the arriving orcs and trolls of the Horde, the tauren managed to establish a tenuous control over large areas of Kalimdor once held by their ancestral enemies. But many still linger.

This entry is about Stonearm.

Raiders across the plains

Stonearm is a rare mob centaur found in the Barrens on Kalimdor.

Stonearm is usually found around the Kolkar encampments north of Crossroads. He will be standing around idle, sometimes inside a tent, and uses the more elaborate armored centaur model.

Stonearm does not, in fact, have a stone arm. Nor does he really have any other distinguishing features. He has no special abilities, and does not really pose a threat even to the unwary. However, he should not under any circumstance be confused with the other rarespawn centaur in the Barrens, Rocklance. I will cover Rocklance in another entry, but suffice to say that he's a wandering rare elite who can be quite a pain for someone low-level.

What's Stonearm's story?

Since he's found in the Kolkar encampments, usually quite close to Barak Kodobane, it's probably a safe bet that Stonearm is a somewhat renowned centaur subchief or famous champion, sent from Desolace to spread havoc.

The Kolkar are one of the centaur clans which originated from an accursed offspring of the elemental Princess Theradras and the errant son of Cenarius called Zaetar (Although there are some conflicting stories regarding this, as with many things in WoW lore). They have been the enemies of the tauren for untold generations and now harbor enormous hatred for losing much of their old territories. Thus the centaur push into Horde territories like Mulgore, the Barrens and Durotar.

Stonearm does have one thing that makes him special: a unique drop. He drops an odd-looking cloak simply called the Buckskin Cape, a decent agility cloak which can be sold or given away if unwanted. Perhaps the cape is made from one of Stonearm's personal kills, some prey he was particularily proud of, like one of the great bucks of Stonetalon.

In conclusion, Stonearm is not all that interesting. He's a centaur with a name and a drop, and not terribly much more.


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