Friday, March 26, 2010

Murlocs in the jungle: Gluggle

As indicated by my earlier post, murlocs can be found virtually everywhere. However, they do seem to favor warm or temperate waters. For this reason it should come as no surprise that the tropical zone of Stranglethorn has several areas infested with the fish-men.

This entry is about Gluggle.

Who is Gluggle and where can I find him?

Gluggle is a rare mob murloc found in Stranglethorn Vale.

Gluggle can be found in a very specific area in Stranglethorn, the Kal'ai ruins. The purpose of this ancient troll ruin has long since been forgotten, and the remains now form only a few unidentifiable stone structures surrounding a small lake. Gluggle can be found here, and will patrol around the lake, slowly walking around. He will occasionally head off a bit and walk down the small path leading up to the area, but will not go far and turns around to walk slowly back.

Danger of the fish-men

There are two tribes of murloc that make their home in the teeming jungle of Stranglethorn: The saltscale live in the submerged Vile Reef off the western coastline, and the Murkgill live around the small lake in the Kal'ai ruins.

Gluggle can be spotted amongst the other murlocs due to the odd dagger he carries and his slow meandering patrol route. The Murkgill murlocs use both the white and grey murloc skins, so you may have to look closer to spot Gluggle at first.

Murlocs are generally dependent on larger bodies of water for their life cycle, which is likely why the Murkgill do not stray too far from the small lake. As for why they have come to Stranglethorn in the first place, who knows?

Gluggle strikes back

If engaged in battle, Gluggle is not much tougher than the average murloc in the area. He possesses a weak AoE attack, but should only be a problem if there are too many other murlocs drawn in by the fight. He has no unique drops, not even the nice-looking dagger her carries.

Murloc oracles and shamen often use the white murloc skin, and since Gluggle shares this with the local Murkgill Oracles, I think it is safe to guess that he is the tribal chieftain or head oracle of his tribe.

I think it's fun to note that the various murloc skins are tagged as "sahuagin" in the WoW files. The sauhagin are vicious fishmen from the Dungeons & Dragons rpg, and do have some similarities with murlocs. This, just like basilisks having many legs, are likely small touches showing us how big fans of various older games the Blizzard developers are.

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