Thursday, June 17, 2010

Screeching harpies: Sister Riven

Wer're back after a brief hiatus.

Stonetalon mountains are a zone in constant conflict. The night elves strive to preserve the natural habitats of the area, the horde seek to make a new settlement for themselves, the Venture Company seek to exploit the natural resources of the peaks as much as they can... and in the middle of all this, native creatures like harpies are a danger to everyone.

This post is about Sister Riven.

Who is Sister Riven and where can she be found?

Sister Riven is a rare elite harpy found in the Charred Vale in Stonetalon Mountains, on Kalimdor.

This harpy stands out among the rest of her kin due to her rich green plumage and large size. She can be found in any of the harpy colonies in the Charred Vale, and will fly around a small area. She is usually surrounded by large groups of regular harpies, so adventurers around her level should be very careful.

What's her story?

Unusually, Sister Riven fights almost entirely with spells. While harpies frequently know a magic trick or two, those that are content to stand back and pummel their enemies with magic are much fewer in number than those who desire to shred the flesh of the living with their talons.

Riven's element of choice is fire, and she has a fire shield, a fire area attack and a direct-damage fire spell to turn foes into ash. Engage her with caution, as she has quite a lot of health and as chasing her around may cause more harpies to attack. Sadly, she has no unique drops.

Her spellcasting ability may be the reason she has a name known by other races. She is special enough among her harpy sisters for her name to gain some degree of fame, or infamy. Possibly the title "sister" is a sign of respect among her peers as well. As with most the Stonetalon harpies, Riven is most likely one of the Bloodfury, an especially vicious harpy colony who refuse to let the night elves into the Charred Vale to attempt to save it from devastation.

Despite her murderous intent, Sister Riven is a lovely-looking rarespawn. The harpy model still looks nice (while of course it would look even better with a slight upgrade) and the green color is gorgeous, reminiscent of a tropical bird. A very nice rare to spot.

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