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Micro-lore: Varo'then's ghost

One of the coolest forms of rarespawn is the one connected to lore. These are the creatures you can find legends about, get unique items from and which tie in with the Warcraft Universe as a whole. Sometimes it is a big story, sometimes it's a small one. Sometimes it is a reference that you will not get until you look beyond the game itself. In this article, we explore the lore of such a rarespawn.

This post is about Varo'then's Ghost.

The basics

Varo'then's ghost is a rare mob ghost found in Azshara on Kalimdor.

This undead spirit is found around the Shadowsong Shrine in the very western-most part of Azshara. He can be found in a few different locations, sometimes up on the ruined temple on the small hill, sometimes down among the fallen masonry. The area is very easy to reach from either the horde or the alliance flight point, and once there Varo'then's Ghost can be recognized from a distance as the only blue/clear colored ghost among the many green ones. He patrols quite a distance, so some quick searching may be required.

In combat, Varo'then's Ghost is pitiful. He casts a feeble curse of weakness and simply wades in to attack, being easily dispatched by any class. He also provides no specific drop, nor does he have any quotes. Indeed, to find the truth about him we must turn to the world of books...

What's his story?

As many of you may be aware, Azshara was once a central area of Old Kalimdor, one of the prime seats of the Highborne kaldorei. Before the land was shattered by the Sundering, this was the site of many ancient cities and strongholds, which is why the land is now pocked by ruins and haunted by highborne spirits.

One of the most faithful servants of Queen Azshara, ruler of the Highborne, was none other than captain Varo'then. He had risen to power after the fall of Xavius to become captain of the royal guard and personal envoy of the queen. Together with Illidan Stormrage he participated in the mission to retrieve the legendary Demon Soul, returning it to Azshara.

In the final battles between the queen's forces and the kaldorei rebelling against her mad schemes, Varo'then stood by his queen, leading her elite forces. Loyal to the end, he perished in the battle, as did most of his soldiers. In truth, he secretly loved Azshara, and was willing to sacrifice anything for her, even his life. These events are chronicled in the War of the Ancients Trilogy by Richard A Knaak.

Despite the controversy surrounding Knaak's Warcraft fiction, quite a few of his creations have managed to enter World of Warcraft itself. Varo'then is one of them. Alas for the loyal captain, wheras his queen and his contemporary Illidan have gone on to become creatures of terrifying power in the game, Varo'then is almost nothing. Reduced to a ragged spirit, wandering the ruins of the world he knew, there is no solace for him for his betrayal. Not even in death.

With the Cataclysm coming to reshape the world once again, and Azshara being changed fundamentally, it seems that Varo'then may vanish from the game as well. He will leave behind little but a name, and a memory. Seek him out while you still can.

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