Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Demon Dogs: Bayne

Today we present another rarespawn that is the only one of its type, and another starter zone mob. These are often the first rarespawns a character will ever encounter, and thus many will have fond (or not-so-fond) memories of them.

This post is about Bayne.

What is Bayne, and where can I find it?

Bayne is a rare mob darkhound found in Tirisfal Glades in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Now, according to wowhead, Bayne can be found in several locations in northern Tirisfal. However, personally I have never found it anywhere but around Stillwater Pond, just west of Brill. Stillwater Pond is a tiny body of water, and if Bayne is here it will be easy to spot. Bayne does not wander much, just doing a small patrol route around its spawn point. Whether Bayne can actually spawn in these other registered locations I do not know.

Combat and lore

Bayne is a demon, and thus cannot be tamed as a hunter pet. Interestingly, NPC's in the old world frequently have creatures with this model as pets, be they demons or beasts. However none are tameable by players. Bayne has a very fast respawn time, meaning that it is almost always found up.

As a level 10 mob right outside a starter village, Bayne can be a bit of a pain if your character is too low. It places a bleed effect on you and has an ability that slows movement speed. For any well-prepared character it should not pose much of a problem. Bayne has no unique drops, but since it is guaranteed to drop a useful item, starter area rares are frequently sought out by beginners.

Darkhounds appeared on Azeroth as a result of the demonic invasion during the Third War. Presumably they were either brought there by the Legion, or simply slipped along through the dimensional portals. Possibly a combination of these, since the creatures can be found in very diverse places.

The canine appearance and simple predator behavior seems to indicate that darkhounds are predators of low intelligence in their native environment. Lore from the roleplaying game claims that warlocks can tame them to keep as pets, though this is naturally not possible in World of Warcraft. Still, the creatures are not organized or powerful enough to pose more than a nuisance, unlike most demonic invaders. Bayne is presumably the biggest and strongest darkhound in Tirisfal, keeping the largest territory and downing the biggest prey.

And that's about it, really. Bayne is a fairly average rare (though I do love the name), and there's not much to say about it.

Until next time, don't let the demon pups bite.


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