Friday, June 25, 2010

The fastest cat: Broken Tooth

As I have mentioned in the past, prior to patch 2.0.1, pets would come with wildly different stats and abilities when tamed, even within the same "family" of pets. One turtle was not like every other turtle. After the normalization, some rare spawns which previously had high desireable abilities became "normal" pets, and thus lost their special value. This post is about one such rarespawn.

This post, thusly, concerns Broken Tooth.

Who is Broken Tooth and where can I find it?

Broken Tooth is a rare mob cat found in the Badlands in Eastern Kingdoms.

Broken Tooth has a fairly quick respawn rate (some hours) and can be found in three general locations: Either near the narrow entry to the Badlands near Uldaman (in this spot the cat has a high risk of being killed), on the eastern side of the large mountain formation directly north of Dustwind Gulch (northwest of the Uldaman side entrance) and near Angor Fortress.

I very often find Broken Tooth near Angor, walking around the small ridge southwest of the fortress entrance. In appearance, Broken Tooth is a cougar or mountain lion, and is very easy to spot because all the other cats in the locations where it can spawn are in constant stealth. If you see a large mountain lion which isn't stealthed, it will be Broken Tooth.

Combat and former fame

Lore-wise, there isn't much to say about Broken Tooth. It is a rather large cat, and probably a dominant older specimen. I cannot be sure of its gender. While many female cats prowl the area, it struck me that Broken Tooth may be a solitary male as well. Neither does Broken Tooth have any combat abilities or drops to distinguish it. The cougar skin is one of the more common cat skins used in World of Warcraft, found in several zones between level 3 and 37 (with an oddball level 70 appearance in Zul'Aman).

Broken Tooth has a kind of small claim to fame despite this, though. Prior to the normalization of pets, Broken Tooth had the fastest attack speed possible in a pet. Whereas pets today have attack speed 2.0, Broken Tooth had speed 1.0, attacking very rapidly. This was enough reason to seek it out and tame it, because those very rapid hits would cause great trouble for enemy players in PvP.

Sadly, the glory days of Broken Tooth are long past. If tamed today, it has no special abilities. Today it is mostly just a cat with a better drop table than the rest. However, finding out facts like this are one of the reasons rarespawns intrigue me. Expect more obscure pet information in the future!

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