Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fire in the hole: Scald

Searing Gorge is one of the most distinctive zones in the Eastern Kingdoms. Dominated by a huge rent in the earth called the Cauldron, which is dominated by the cruel Dark Iron dwarves, the zone is in my view the nicest of the "scorched wasteland" areas in classic World of Warcraft. The Gorge also has several rarespawns, of which today's subject is one.

This post is about Scald.

Fiery destroyers

Scald is a rare mob fire elemental located in the Searing Gorge in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Scald can supposedly spawn in several spots in the Cauldron, but I have always found him in the same spot. That spot is at the far western edge of the Cauldron, in a small lava pool at the bottom of the deep gorge. There are usually a few normal fire elementals standing in the way here, and Scald looks identical to these. This rarespawn is entirely stationary, it's just a matter of finding him alive.

Scald has no special abilities beyond that he shrugs off fire-based damage (many classic WoW elementals are immune or highly resistant to their own element). He is merely a somewhat larger and stronger fire elemental with no unique drops.

Children of fire

While Scald does not have any distinguishing features of his own (or its own, it's hard to speak of genders when discussing animated balls of pure element), why Scald can be found where he is makes sense. The Searing Gorge is a region close to Blackrock Mountain, where the firelord Ragnaros rules his dark iron puppets and countless elemental servants from the Molten Core.

Doubtless Scald is one of Ragnaros' lesser servants, sent from the Core to oversee the operations in the Cauldron. The firelord seems to not entirely trust his dwarf servants, and frequently dispatches his elementals to keep an eye on important operations. A good example of this is Overmaster Pyron, found in the mine at the entrance of Blackrock Depths.

Scald's name is of course a synonym for "hot", another trend among named fire elementals. Their names are usually fire-related, unsurprisingly. While there isn't a lot to say about rarespawns like this, I must add that I do like the designs of elementals in WoW. The fire elementals look suitably fiery and destructive, and the non-humanoid design helps designate them as something other than the many mortal races.

In closing, Scald is another mediocre rare which looks cool and is rather hard to find.

Until next time, stay out of the fire!


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