Saturday, June 5, 2010

Furbolgs of Ashenvale: Oakpaw

Furbolgs are another sentient race introduced in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Like satyrsm quilboar and tauren, furbolgs were interesting additions to the previously rather generic Warcraft universe. Furbolgs were introduced as unaffiliated monsters and sometimes helpful NPC's, and the game also set the theme of the demonic corruption of the peaceful bear-people into ravenous, slavering monsters. Today tribes of such corrupted furbolgs exist all of Kalimdor and Northrend, including Ashenvale.

This post is about Oakpaw.

Who is Oakpaw and where can I find him?

Oakpaw is a rare mob furbolg found in Ashenvale on Kalimdor.

Oakpaw can be found wandering around the corrupted furbolg settlement of Greenpaw Village, located south of the east-west road and directly north of Mystral Lake. The area has quite a few generic furbolg mobs, but Oakpaw's black coloration makes him stand out among them.

What's his story?

Oakpaw does not have a plethora of abilities or any special drops to distinguish him from the other furbolgs in Greenpaw Village. He has a rejuvenation spell to heal himself, but is apart from that an easy fight. Most likely he is a tribal shaman working for the resident leader of the Foulweald furbolg, chief Murgut.

The Foulweald furbolg are the focus of a rather famous questline, "Raene's Cleansing". This alliance-only questline has your character travel Ashenvale to aid the night elf Raene Wolfrunner in halting the threat of the corrupted furbolgs. Notably, this questline rewards you with Dartol's Rod of Transformation, a novelty object that allows you to transform into a furbolg for a short time. Once consumed by completing the questline, the rod will nowadays remain in your inventory for an unlimited number of uses.

After your efforts in combating the corrupted furbolgs, it is possible that some of these creatures will be cleansed and one day become peaceful again. The influence of creatures like satyrs and demon-tainted fel moss is implicated in the corruption of most tribes, although the presence of the Burning Legion is always a possible source as well.

Sadly, even when using the Rod you cannot communicate or make any form of peace with Oakpaw, so whatever wisdom the creature may have once had will likely be lost forever.

Until next time, stay off the fel moss.


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