Sunday, June 20, 2010

Druid lookalike kitty: Dishu

One cool twist to being a hunter in World of Warcraft is to try to find a tameable pet that looks like something else. Maybe like a famous quest mob, or a boss. Or maybe you'd like to have a pet that looks like a druid? Today's rarespawn can help you with that last alternative...

Today's rarespawn is Dishu.

Catching the cat

Dishu is a rare mob cat found in the Barrens, on Kalimdor.

Dishu may be a little tricky to find at first, but once you know where to look she should be easy to track down. Dishu will spawn lying down under one of the large trees in the northern Barrens. Starting at the Horde town of Crossroads, if you go straight north and check under every tree you will eventually find Dishu, if she is alive. Her respawn timer is fairly short, so with some luck you should be able to locate this nice-looking feline. She is always found together with regular lions, as far as I know, so looking for groups of cats is a good strategy.

As promised, Dishu has the exact same appearance as the travel form of a druid. She's spotted, and resembles a leopard more than the lions who inhabit the Barrens. Dishu is by far the lowest level mob with this appearance, the others all being found in the old world between roughly level 25 and 45.

Cat's tales

Since Dishu is so low level and found close to the Crossroads, she makes a good starting pet for a beginning Horde hunter. Cats make good pets, and having one which looks like a druid is only a bonus. While the cat and bear forms of druids have undergone some revision, the travel form remains the same as the skin of these cats. For more information on cats as pets, as usual, visit Petopia, your hunter resource.

For non-hunters, Dishu is little more than a curiosity. While she has no special drop, she does have an interesting defense mechanism. In combat, Dishu can summon a small group of cubs to her aid, which is often enough to be the end of a weakened low-level adventurer. Since she has these cubs with her, most people assume Dishu to be female. You may notice she's asleep in all the pictures. This is because one of my central ideas is not to hunt rarespawns, only photograph them. For that reason I hated to wake Dishu up, and let her snooze.

As for why Dishu is a spotted cat among a large number of lions? I have no idea. Maybe she's strayed too far from her natural habitat. Maybe she's been captured by some unscrupulous hunter and escaped. Maybe she's a rare color variation on the normal Barrens lions? I have no idea.

What I do know is that Dishu is a nice-looking kitty to take for a pet. With her druid looks and the fact that not many people use this variety of cat for a pet, she makes for a nice find!

Until next time, remember to pet your kitties.


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