Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another ogre, another pun: Hahk'Zor

Remember some time ago when I mentioned that ogres in World of Warcraft have their share of pun names? Well, that's by no means limited to ogres alone, but today's rarespawn also happens to be another "in-joke" ogre rare. And like the previous one, this one also has an internet slang name...

This post is about Hahk'Zor.

Who is Hakh'Zor and where can I find him?

Hakh'Zor is a rare mob ogre found in the Burning Steppes in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Hakh'Zor can be located in and around Dreadmaul Rock in the eastern part of the Burning Steppes. He just paces around his spawn point, but can appear either outside the ogre caves or inside on the lower level. Amusingly, some have reported him walking into a small pond just outside the Rock, almost vanishing in the water. "I can't swim" joke goes here.

How to fight Hahk'Zor

Hahk'Zor is a totally uncomplicated mob. He has no special abilities at all, just a basic melee attack. He's not very tough, and doesn't have any dangerous special attacks. In effect, he's just another ogre, just with a name.

To compound this, poor Hahk'Zor has no special drops either. Unique drops are rather scarce among the vanilla rarespawns, and mostly clustered around the lower and upper levels. Hahk'Zor just drops a random green for your disenchanting or selling pleasure.

The lore of Hahk'Zor

And even in this regard, this guy doesn't have much going for him. Let's get the most blatant fact out of the way first: His name is a pun on "haxx0r", which is internet slang for hacker. When they were making these ogre rarespawns back in the day, someone evidently really liked the idea of having several named this way...

Hahk'Zor uses the ogre "leader" model which normally pops up for stronger, more capable ogres. Their heavier armor and the big spiked fist signify their status, and many vanilla WoW ogre bosses have this model. For that reason, Hahk'Zor is quite possibly a leader of the Dreadmaul ogres.

There's just not much to say about Hahk'Zor. He's an ogre with a name, nothing more. There are a few rares like this in the game, and in my mission to cover every rarespawn, these also have to be covered. Fortunately most rares have a few more interesting facts about them.

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