Sunday, September 19, 2010

A pirate's life for me! Kregg Keelhaul

Happy international Talk Like a Pirate Day, everyone! In honor of this most momentous of holidays, I'm presenting a bonafide pirate rarespawn. And no, I'm not going to type out this entry in pirate-speak. There's limits to what I think people will put up with from me. Anyway, on to the entry!

This post is about Kregg Keelhaul. Arrr me hearties! Sorry!

Who is Kregg Keelhaul, and where can I find him?

Kregg Keelhaul is a rare mob goblin found in Tanaris, on Kalimdor.

Kregg is a pirate, and in Tanaris the best place for a pirate to be is Lost Rigger Cove, a small secluded area on the coastline, south of Steamwheedle Port. Kregg can appear in several locations in this area, including on the two ships (one finished and one being built) and inside the larger building. He does not patrol to any extent, so it is fairly easy to locate him if he is alive. He is a goblin, and thus not hard to spot among the many pirates of other races.

Fighting Kreeg

The main problem with any mob in Lost Rigger Cove is the many potential adds. Since they will flee when low on health, it's important to control each fight so as to minimize extra adds joining in. This is of course only applicable for those of the proper level. This goes for Kregg as well. He wields a really big two-handed sword, which marks him as a melee mob right away.

Kregg is a fairly typical "warrior" type mob, with a cleave and a heroic strike-type ability. He's not a danger in and of himself. As is common with mid-range rare mobs from the vanilla WoW period, he has no unique drop. It should be noted, however, that he can drop a Southsea Pirate Hat for that quest, which amuses me greatly because Kregg wears no hat on his model.

The lore of Kregg

Actually, when it comes to this scurvy dog we have a tiny snippet of lore to go on. In and of himself, Kregg is just your average melee-focused mob. One would think that he is an enforcer for the Southsea Pirates (though curiously he does not seem to grant Gadgetzan reputation when slain).

However, the fun thing is that he's not the only goblin pirate named Keelhaul. Captain Keelhaul is a goblin captain with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, situated in his ship off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale. One questline leads you to slay him, along with the other leaders of the Bloodsail in order to stop their plans to raze Booty Bay to the ground. Since the Bloodsail and the Southsea pirates are similar in organization and purpose, it's not a far stretch to assume the two are related.

I think these two are definently related. I believe Captain Keelhaul to be the brother of Kregg, and the brighter and more driven of the two. He may even have put in a good word to get his brother a position with the Southsea pirates. Kregg, being more the type to bash someone with a sharp implement, would likely have jumped at such a chance. I love these little mini-scenarios, myself.

Unfortunately for those of you who want to see this rare, Lost Rigger Cove is a very well-frequented area, and he has a rather long respawn timer, so you may have to be lucky or visit during off hours to catch him alive.

In closing, Kregg isn't that interesting by himself, but his little snippet of lore and the fact that he's a pirate elevate him to a cool little rare!

Until next time, don't keep that cursed indian gold.


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