Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I WILL BREAK HIM! - Carnivous the breaker

You know, considering how hard the furbolgs of Kalimdor were hit by the Third War, there's still an awful lot of them around. Sure, most of them are corrupted by the demonic presence, but still, their numbers are fairly large in the adjoining zones of Winterspring, Felwood, Ashenvale and Darkshore. It is in that last area where we find the subject of this post.

Proudly presenting Carnivous the Breaker!

Who is Carnivous, and where can I find him?

Carnivous the Breaker is a rare mob furbolg found in Darkshore on Kalimdor.

Carnivous can be found in the furbolg encampments south of the Wildbend river in the southern part of the zone. He is completely stationary as far as I can tell, spawning in one spot and then just standing around unless aggroed. As the furbolg encampment here is not very large, looking for him is a quick affair, even if he doesn't have a very distinctive appearance. He's just your average dark-furred furbolg.

Combat and possessions

Carnivous is just as corrupted as his fellow furbolgs, and will attack anyone. He has a rather mean armor debuff (halving your armor value) and the common thrash ability which grants him extra melee attacks. However, given his low health he is only a threat to a very low-level character. No class should have an especially hard time taking him down if they so wish.

As is standard, Carnivous has no special drops, providing a generic magic item. However, if you can take him down around the appropriate level, a green item can prove either useful or give a little money when sold. Really, for any rarespawn entry, just keep in mind that even the generic loot is a way to make money.

The lore of Carnivous

Like most furbolgs in Darkshore, I would assume Carnivous comes from one of the larger tribes further inland. It's possible he is a Deadwood furbolg (suggested by WoWwiki), though there is no exact confirmation. None of the furbolgs in Darkshore help in the Timbermaw reputation grind, unfortunately, even if they are Deadwood furbolgs lore-wise.

As a corrupted furbolg with melee-based abilities, I would guess Carnivous is a champion or subchief of his tribe. He just gives me the impression of a creature adept at fighting, but maybe not a leader. And come on, I can't be the only one who thinks of Ivan Drago when seeing that name...

All in all, Carnivous is a rather average mob. The main thing he has going for him is his awesome name. With a rather low respawn timer, you should be able to find him fairly easily with a bit of searching, which may be fun considering the upheavals Darkshore will soon see...

Until next time, don't let the corruption blind you.


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