Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gilmorian: Another bonus rare

If you're wondering why I'm doing back-to-back posts lately, there are a few reason. For one, due to several circumstances (and sometimes to writer's block), I have seriously fallen behind my planned schedule for the blog. Another thing is that once I have started writing, it's much easier to write a second entry right away than it is to wait a day or two and then try beginning to write again. Getting started is always the hardest part for me! Finally, there are a lot of rares left to cover which in all honesty are not that exciting, comparatively. Backing these guys up with another entry makes them stick out less, I think.

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With that being said, on to another rather average rare, Gilmorian.

Where can I find Gilmorian?

Gilmorian is a rare mob murloc found in the Swamp of Sorrows in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Gilmorian can be found wandering up and down the Misty Reed strand on the eastern edge of the Swamp of Sorrows. He looks rather like most murlocs, with no particular feature or unusual color to distinguish him. He wanders quite far up and down the coast, I've noted, so you may want to cover the entirety of the coastline just to make sure. I'm not sure if the wowhead notes about finding him off the coast out in the water are actual spawn points or just cases of people pulling him out there. I'd guess the latter, if I had to make a choice.

Incidentally, this is the first rare from Swamp of Sorrows to be featured in the blog. Enjoy the new tag!

Combat and loot

Gilmorian, like almost all murlocs, is a threat to anything that comes close. He's honestly not much of a threat, but he does try. He has a couple of rogue ability, both able to gouge and use sinister strike. I should not that he never goes into stealth despite his rogue-like abilities, and is thus much easier to find for it. He doesn't have much health or hit very hard, though, and should be easy to defeat.

Gilmorian has no special drops, but at least (Unlike Ruul Onestone) he drops better loot than average mobs, thus adhering to the rarespawn common standard.

Special notes

There's not much to say about Gilmorian. His name (actually I don't know the gender of any murloc, and I'd rather not find out either. But "Gilmorian" sounds like a male name to me) is of course a pun about gills.

Apart from that, the only thing I can really think of is that his rogue abilities remind me that a lot of murlocs in the game fight with dirty tactics. Quite fitting for these little terrors!

With a rather slow respawn time and being easily killed, Gilmorian is another very average but rarely encountered rarespawn. There's not much to distinguish him except for his name.

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