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Rare felguard: Kaskk

Desolace is a zone about to get a heavy retooling with the release of Cataclysm. The now-shattered landscape seems to finally be getting some semblance of life back, which will be a very interesting change to watch. As it is currently (and has been ever since the original release of World of Warcraft), Desolace is one of those zones that is in the backwater of the world. There's not much happening here, nor does the zone have any particularily exciting lore or events. The best thing in Desolace is the utterly amazing dungeon instance Maraudon, one of my favorite old world dungeons. However, I must save a post about that particular place for a future post, and instead focus on the zone itself, outside Maraudon's gates.

This post concerns Kaskk.

What is Kaskk, and where can I find him?

Kaskk is a rare mob felguard found in Desolace, on Kalimdor.

Kaskk is located in the Mannoroc coven, a demon-controlled area in the lower half of the Desolace zone. Heading east from Shadowprey village or south from Nijel's Point will get you there, though the Horde flightpoint is much closer. Kaskk is a fairly stationary rare, and will not stray far from his spawn point. He can appear in a few spots across the coven, but is easy to spot due to his distinctive look. Kaskk carries an unusual blade for a felguard, one that always reminded me of the design for orc weapons in the Lord of the Rings movies. It's a brutal weapon, little more than a sharpened slab of metal.

The tactics of Kaskk

There's not much to say here. Kaskk has no special abilities of any sort. He will simply wade into combat, swinging that nasty-looking sword. As such, unless you are very weakened, he will not pose any form of danger, especially to a class with good ranged capability.

Kaskk drops the standard magic item. He will also allegedly drop the felguard blood required for the Desolace reagents quest, which is only appropriate I suppose.

The lore of Kaskk

Very little to say about Kaskk specifically. Felguards are mo'arg, just like the many Legion inventors and engineers seen in other places. However, felguards seem to be mo'arg who are utterly focused on combat, having no interest in contraptions or sophisticated strategy.

As felguards seem to have little initiative of their own, they're usually subservient to a master. I would suspect that Kaskk serves Lord Azretoch, the Doomguard leader of the mannoroc coven directly.

As a final point to this rather sparse entry, I should add that Kaskk seems to have a very long respawn timer, probably several days. As such, he is a very very rare mob to encounter due to the Mannoroc Coven getting some traffic of adventurers doing quests. While he may not have much in the form of personality, drops or abilities, Kaskk is notable for his scarcity alone.

If you stop by the Desolace, why not see if he's there? He's a sight most people won't have seen!

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