Friday, May 28, 2010

Another tiny ogre: Enforcer Emilgund

I spent an earlier post talking about an ogre rarespawn in Loch Modan who was rather small. It's quite common for mobs to be bigger in high-level zones than in low-level ones, and to demonstrate I will offer another very small ogre rare mobs for your inspection.

This post is about Enforcer Emilgund.

The smallest ogre in the world?

Enforcer Emilgund is a rare mob ogre found in Mulgore, on Kalimdor.

Emilgund can be found in only one spot, and has a very short respawn timer. He will almost always be found standing outside one of the small huts in the Venture Company camp north of Thunder Bluff.

I have only done a very casual search, but it seems Emilgund is the lowest level hostile ogre you can encounter in the game. He is also the only hostile ogre found in all of Mulgore, and thus quite stands out among the goblins and gnolls! He is only level 11, and not an elite. He also has absolutely no special abilities or attacks, but hits quite hard. For any class that can soften him up at range he is a rather trivial fight, but he might cause some slight problems for a melee class.

Amusingly, his low level is matched by his stature. Emilgund is tiny!

He looks rather irate, trying to punch Melisandra out.

What's his story?

For once, the story is perfectly clear. A simple thing like a title or description in the name of a rarespawn really makes all the difference. Clearly Emilgund is an enforcer hired by the Venture Company to guard their projects in Mulgore. Quite a few of their operatives are making inroads to try to exploit the natural resources of the region. In response, the tauren are defending their lands against these reckless invaders who care nothing for the balance of nature.

An ogre is a perfect enforcer. They work for cheap (possibly even just for food), love bashing things, and lack the intelligence and drive to try and cause trouble other than getting into fights. Thus Emilgund probably fills his job very well, acting as cheap labor and an obvious show of force for the Venture Co.

Enforcer Emilgund rounds out my unannounced "starter zone" theme week. Next week I will return to a more mixed variety of rarespawns.

Until next time, never hire a goblin to do an ogre's job!


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Skulda said...

Not as tiny as the cute "baby" orge in the Badlands!