Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Terror of Durotar: Captain Flat Tusk

World of Warcraft is full of references, easter eggs, jokes, puns and tributes. Sometimes, the game even references itself.

This post is about Captain Flat Tusk.

Quillboar champion

Captain Flat Tusk is a rare elite quilboar found in Durotar, on Kalimdor.

Captain Flat Tusk is found in the small quilboar camps along the ridges just south of the road leading west to the Barrens. He has the common "warrior" quilboar design, carrying a rather nasty-looking axe. His title "captain of the battleguard" refers to the quilboar armed forces in the zone, of which many carries the title "battleguard". With his title of "captain", it is clear Flat Tusk is among the leaders of the Razormanes.

As I have touched on in the past, the quilboar claim lineage from the great boar eternal Agamaggan, and revere him and believe in his eventual rebirth to lead them to glory. They have a deep-seated hatred of other sentient races, and the Razormane quilboars found in Durotar are no exception, being thoroughly hostile. They have been driven out of their lands by the invading orcs and trolls, but still cling to their razorvine-covered settlements in many areas, waylaying their enemies and arranging raids.

Lethal threat

As an elite in a starter area, standing smack dab in a questing area, captain Flat Tusk is quite a nasty surprise for unexperienced heroes. He has a lot of health (666, actually), hits quite hard and can use a strong Heroic Strike to inflict extra damage. With the added potential for more quilboars being pulled into the fight, this makes Flat Tusk a dangerous enemy.

Low-level characters may find it worth it to battle this menace, as his guaranteed above-average quality drops are more useful at those levels. Also, located in the middle of a quest node often makes people engage him simply because he's there.

Now, about that reference I alluded to in the opening paragraph?

Now let's see. An elite in a starter area, with 666 health, does a lot of damage, stands in a quest node...

Does it sound familiar, alliance players?

I think it should.

Until next time, make sure you know what you're doing when you attack an elite monster.



Skulda said...

I love this mob. I'd die a few times trying to kill him, but I'd always roar victory when I did. (at that level of course)

Emma said...

Flat Tusk is in the cataclysm beta, although he is a regular mob rather than elite, but hes not a trivial kill on level.