Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More creepy-crawlies: Rekk'tilac

As I stated earlier, there are a lot of rarespawn spiders in World of Warcraft. No doubt Blizzard are cunningly tapping into the almost primal fear that many humans have for these (generally) inoffensive creatures by enlarging them to monstrous size and making them attack adventurers. Interestingly, this means that spiders and rare spiders can be found even in extreme environments in Azeroth.

Today's rarespawn is Rekk'tilac.

Spider tracks

Rekk'tilac is a rare mob spider found in the Searing Gorge, in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Unlike many rare mobs that I have covered so far, Rekk'tilac cannot be pinned down to any specific area in the Gorge. In short, it can spawn almost anywhere where its kin, the lava spiders can be found. Visually it also looks exactly like the other spiders, so it must be found via tracking or checking nameplates.

Rekk'tilac, and the regular lava spiders, use the "tarantula" spider model (which I discussed here ). Lava spiders are a bright orange color and found only in very hot areas, seemingly well-adapted against heat. Their bright carapaces do not offer very good camouflage, so it probably instead serves as a visual cue to warn other creatures that the spider is dangerous.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I definently am not a fan of the tarantula model, so I will not dwell on it more here. Rekk'tilac is tameable, but offers no special benefits to a hunter as it is identical to the common spiders nearby.

What's the story?

Rekk'tilac is probably just an especially strong lava spider which got a name from someone living in the area. It has no special attacks, is not particularily tough, has no special drops and is not unique-looking for a hunter.

As I have said previously, not every rarespawn is amazing, or even interesting. Some are just mobs with names tacked on, and the improved drop table. Rekk'tilac lands squarely in the "mediocre" category. Still, I cannot help but wonder at what kind of adaptions allow spiders (and other bugs) in Azeroth to grow to huge sizes with no respiration or body integrity problems.

Maybe a higher oxygen content in the atomsphere helps arachnids breathe. After all, many spiders have a more efficient respiration system than insects, utilizing organs called "Book lungs" to draw oxygen. However, given the sheer size and ferocity of Azerothian invertebrates, I think it is safe to say there is also magic involved.

Rekk'tilac is nothing special, but even the mediocre rarespawns have a place in my blog.

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Cheynegel said...

I like the spindly-legged spiders more, personally. :)

Dragonshade said...

Oh yes, they look much better. This one doesn't look very good. I'll get to some thin-legged arachnids soon enough!