Saturday, April 10, 2010

Highway robbery: Thuros Lightfingers

If there's anything constant in the many realms of the World of Warcraft, it is the fact that conflict is everywhere. Not even the heartland of the human kingdom of Stormwind is free of dangers, and the farmers and low-level adventurers there have to contend with gnolls, kobolds, murlocs, rabid wolves... and bandits.

Today's rarespawn is Thuros Lightfingers.

Wanted: Thuros Lightfingers

Thuros Lightfingers is a human rare mob found in Elwynn Forest in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Finding this guy is a bit tricky. He can spawn in four different bandit camps across Elwynn: North of the tiny Mirror Lake in the western part of the zone, north of Crystal Lake (just east of Goldshire) and directly south from Crystal Lake across the road. The final spawn point is to the far east, in a tiny camp east of Ridgepoint tower. I would recommend consulting wowhead for the coordinates and a detailed map.

Fortunately for those seeking him Thuros is on a very short respawn timer. At one point most starter area rares would respawn within 1-2 hours of being killed, but observations since have shown that this time has been cut down significantly (I have tested this myself). It appears that Thuros and his ilk will reappear within 15-30 minutes of being slain, making getting hold of their loot much easier than it once was.

Since he spawns in Elwynn, sometimes quite close to Goldshire, I recommend seeking him outside of peak hours. Goldshire can test anyone's patience to the breaking point. This is why all these screenshots are taken at night.

Hobbies: Robbery, assault, fishing

One thing I always liked about World of Warcraft (And other similar MMO's) was how storylines slowly advanced across different areas as you uncover new quests and new details that give a bigger picture. The story of the human starter areas and neighboring zones is largely dedicated to the Defias Brotherhood, a villainous organization out to sack Stormwind.

I have touched on the Defias in a few earlier posts, and will do so again in the future. Since Thuros wears the standard red bandana of a Defias, it seems clear he's in their employ. Since he doesn't really have any dangerous combat skills and is easy to defeat, he is probably little more than a notorious robber, just like the ill-fated Garrick Padfoot. Most likely Thuros is there as a gangleader for some of the Defias operations in Elwynn.

However, Thuros does have a small claim to fame. Once upon a time, an ambitious player named Draznar wrote a small guide to fishing in classic WoW. Included in this was Draznar's personal favorite fishing outfit, compromised of various items from across the game. And, lo and behold, on that list he included a pair of gloves called Fingerless Gloves. Guess where you get them? Yes, they're a unique drop from Thuros Lightfingers.

While the same model of gloves (or a close approximation) can be found elsewhere, this nevertheless is Thuros' claim to fame (He actually has a second unique drop, the Thuggish Shield). It's also led to some fan speculation that Thuros himself is a fisherman, no doubt compounded by the fact that he usually spawns near a lake or stream. Hey, a man has to have hobbies when he's not shaking down farmers and merchants, right?

As a minor part of the Defias storyarc and being mentioned for one of his drops, Thuros has a bit more fame than the average rarespawn. I'd say the guy has done pretty well for himself!

Until next time, stay out of Goldshire.

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