Friday, April 2, 2010

Anniversary post! Warleader Krazzilak

Yes folks, believe it or not it's now been a full month since I started this blog. A one-month anniversary may not seem like much to you, but to me it's a milestone. In honor of this occasion, we visit one of my favorite five-man dungeons of all time, Zul'Farrak.

Today's post concerns Warleader Krazzilak.

Like finding a troll in a desert

Warleader Krazzilak is a rare elite troll found outside Zul'Farrak in Tanaris, on Kalimdor.

Krazzilak can be found Sandsorrow Watch, a loosely organized area just south of the Zul'Farrak entrance. Sandsorrow has several small clusters of troll buildings, and Krazzilak can be found in one of the burned-out watchtowers, if he is up. I have always found him on the first floor of the watchtowers, overlooking the area.

Fury of the sands

Krazzilak, like other native trolls of Tanaris belongs to the Sandfury tribe. Once part of the Gurubashi Empire which spanned all of Old Kalimdor, the Sandfury have long since evolved for survival in arid climate. As a result, Krazzilak and his brethren have tough, dull-colored skin and tend to wear clothing and armor to camouflage them in the desert.

The Sandfury are today fairly self-reliant, with their fortified village of Zul'Farrak as their base. They regularily send out war parties to ambush travelers or hunt native creatures for food, making them a dangerous element in Tanaris. With his title of "Warleader", it would seem Krazzilak is the leader of such a raiding party, likely tasked by the Sandfury chieftain Ukorz Sandscalp to bring back plunder to Zul'Farrak.

More about Krazzilak

As befits his status as warleader, Krazzilak is a powerful opponent. He hits hard, sports a dangerous stun, disarms opponents and uses various other warrior tricks. He should be engaged carefully by adventurers around his level.

Unfortunately Krazzilak has no special drops. However, I'd like to talk a little about his equipment instead. I really do like the look of his gear and how it matches his dusky-colored skin and his orange mohawk. Of particular note are his leggings. Now, while it is not entirely right to say that NPC's in World of Warcraft are "wearing so-and-so gear", their gear is certainly often modeled to look identical to gear available to players. In this case, Krazzilak's leggings look a lot like the Devilsaur Leggings, a well-known leatherworking recipe back in the days of classic WoW.

While there are several pants with a similar design, I like to think that Krazzilak really is wearing Devilsaur Leggings, and that he led a hunting party into the neighboring Un'goro Creater just to hunt down and slay such a beast for the leather. Things like this make mobs in the game come alive to me, even if it's just my own idle speculation.

A cool-looking troll who's a tough nut to crack, Warleader Krazzilak is a neat rarespawn.

Thanks to everyone who's read, supported, commented and helped out with this blog. You're all great, and without you and your support it wouldn't exist. I hope to meet you here for many many months to come, and see many exciting new glimpses of Azeroth with you.

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Samskeyti said...

Happy Anniversary! I always enjoy how you bring so many more ideas and speculations about the rares into this blog, and how it makes them more unique and interesting as they already are. Every post is a great and thoughtful statement about its subject, and I look forward to reading many more.

Cheynegel said...

My Gab's just started playing (as you know from IRC) and she's starting to become obsessed with rarespawns. When we went into deadmines, she kept asking if everything was rare, because of the gold dragons. I explained. :) She was -highly- disappointed that she didn't get to tame Bjarn in time.

Emma said...

Grats to the first month, and thanks for a nice blog. I always look forward to your new posts!