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Bears and wolves: Old Vicejaw

Bears are rather popular animals in World of Warcraft, just like in the real world. Whereas we hate and fear wolves and large felines, bears look a lot cuddlier and more benevolent (even if they in the real world can be easily as dangerous). Literature and mythology are also filled with noble, wise and heroic bears. Interestingly this is also reflected in the rarespawn fauna of WoW, where there are quite a few rare mob bears. The fact that my main is a feral (bear) druid certainly does not change my opinion on bears in any way. And you're silly for even thinking it.

Today's rare mob is Old Vicejaw.

In the accursed forest

Old Vicejaw is a rare mob bear found in Silverpine Forest in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Silverpine was once part of Lordaeron, and is the zone that directly borders Gilneas, Lordaeron's neighbor to the south. Now a dark, twisted area ruled by undead or madmen like the archmage Arugal, Silverpine nevertheless retains some natural life.

Old Vicejaw can be found in the forested area surrounding the road running from the Greymane Wall to the Undercity. He can be seen wandering around a bit off the road, often close to other bears. In comparison with the other local bears, Vicejaw is a lighter brown and quite easy to spot.

An average bear

Old Vicejaw isn't the most unique rarespawn bear in the game. He's a standard color, has no really special abilities and no unique loot. He's just basically a named bear a few levels larger than the average.

For a hunter, a bear is a rather nice tenacity pet. They eat many types of food and have a quite excellent racial ability for a "tank" pet, namely Swipe, similar to the feral druid ability of the same name. However, Vicejaw's average appearance may not make him too desireable to seek out and tame.

It's always hard for me to write any lore speculation about these very average rarespawns. Old Vicejaw is one of several bears carrying the "Old" epithet, indicating he may be a particularily large specimen, who has been in the region long enough to earn a name. Vicejaw indicates that someone (likely more than one person) has ended up on the receiving end of a very nasty bite. Maybe the nearby Dalaran mages named the bear after encountering it preying on their livestock?

While Vicejaw spawns rather close to Shadowfang Keep, I doubt he has any connection with Arugal, whose favored pets and minions are wolves. More likely, Vicejaw was here before the intrusive archmage appeared on the scene, and is merely minding his own business. Maybe a worgen or two has found themselves on the receiving end of his jaws too?

In conclusion, Old Vicejaw has little unique about him, but at the very least he looks good and has a nice name.

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