Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rarespawn shorts: Gnawbone

Okey, I have a confession to make. Even I, with my nearly boundless enthusiasm for rarespawns in World of Warcraft, sometimes find myself lost for words. There's some rare mobs that just aren't that special, and I can't speculate much about them either. They're just plain and average, and my entries tend to reflect that. But I still want to cover them, and for that purpose I'm going to experiment with a shorter entry form for some of these mobs. Don't worry, I won't do this with any creature that I believe has some more worthwhile qualities. This is just to get some of these duller mobs out of the way so I can focus on the more unique ones.

Let me know what you think about this "short" entry type.


Gnawbone is a rare gnoll found in the Wetlands, in the Eastern Kingdoms. He's somewhat tricky to locate because he can spawn in many different spots along the Sundown Marsh in the central part of the zone, and patrols quite far.

Gnawbone has no real special abilities or loot, and is an easy kill for any class. He does drop the crude flints required for Rethiel the Greenwarden's quest to slay the gnolls cutting down and burning the trees of the zone.

Gnawbone is a Mosshide gnoll, a vicious tribe who are cutting a swathe of destruction through the Wetlands in their desire to expand.

His name is derived from the common gnoll line "More bones to gnaw on", showing their desire to consume their enemies.

Gnawbone is a very average rare, with not much to distinguish him. He will likely vanish in Cataclysm, when the Wetlands will be drastically changed.

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Emma said...

Well, its short and concise, and i can appreciate that its hard to come up with original entries for Mrugglulp, murloc rarespawn #8 and similar mobs, although I don't mind when you do :)

Rene said...

Well done! There are just some spawns that only have the "rare" bit going for them. What else can you say??

For this one, I'd like to add the totally random factoid that there is indeed a town named Gnawbone, Indiana. Maybe some Blizz employee broke down near there, long long ago. :)

Emma said...

You did miss something special about him. He is dual wielding Bowie knives, id say that make him an extra badass gnoll. No idea if all the mosshides does that, but its still badass ;)

Skulda said...

I have a suggestion, Dragonshade.
Maybe put your tags on your sidebar for easy browsing? My bud and I are looking for pets to tame before Cata and it would be much easier than going through the pages. :)