Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Ongar - Chasing a slime for months

You can't tell because of how I structure the entries, but some rarespawns took me virtually no time at all to find, others eluded me for months (some still do as of this writing). Today's entry, another slime (thus untrackable by hunters), took me a very long time to track down. I visited Felwood a lot, but never quite managed to find it until a friend of mine accidentally stumbled across it and asked if I still needed to photo it. Quite a bit of luck for me!

This post is about the Ongar.

What is the Ongar, and where do I find it?

The Ongar is a rare spawn slime found in Felwood, on Kalimdor.

The Ongar appears in and around Bloodvenom Falls, in the center of the Felwood zone. As mentioned, the Ongar has no creature type and thus cannot be tracked by common means. This means you must use a rarespawn finder addon, manual targeting, or visual searching to locate it. The Ongar can spawn in several spots around the falls, several of which are wholly or partially underwater. A common spot to find it (as it is often killed when it spawns around the large pool by the road) is the smaller pool near the waterfall up near the eastern cliff face. Get there by going east from the southern end of the bridge and up the hill. Other spawnpoints include the small waterfall under the bridge and the large pool by the road, as mentioned.

It appears that the Ongar has a rather slow respawn timer, and is thus hard to find. I don't know the truth of this, but as it spawns in an area where there are a few quests, and since many people pass by here (the Horde flight point is nearby), seeing the Ongar may be a rare occasion. The Ongar does wander around a bit, so be patient and thorough when looking for it.

Battling the Ongar

As hard as it is to locate, the Ongar is a definite pushover in combat. Possessing no special abilities whatsoever, and little health. It is basically just a regular slime with a name. As such, any class can take it out easily, for that delicious extra loot.

While it has no unique loot, the Ongar does drop a couple of things of interest. First, it provides a slime sample for the Undercity questline to test the oozes of the world, which seems natural. Second, it has a somewhat high chance of dropping an Oozing Bag, the only source of the rare Disgusting Oozeling vanity pet. Be warned though, even if the Ongar drops the bag, the chance of it containing the pet is low as well. But sometimes the gamble pays off! I'm also amused that the Ongar often drops the trash item "Bubbling Green Ichor", as the creature is in fact not green.

On a somewhat odd note, one of the old patches contains the note that " Rare Felwood creatures should now have loot." Presumably at one point the Ongar and the other Felwood rares had poor or missing loot (similar to the situation with Ruul Onestone and some others still) but that this was corrected.

The lore of the Ongar

My personal belief is that the name of this slime is a pun on "hunger", referring to the devouring nature of ooze creatures. It might be totally wrong though, and if anyone has a better hunch, please let me know! I'll also assume the thing was named by someone, as I cannot imagine a slime being that sentient.

The slimes of Felwood are among the most heavily corrupted in any part of the world. They have become deeply tainted by the same demonic energies which have turned Felwood into a twisted, nightmarish land. As oozes are quite susceptible to these kinds of influences, it is a clear indicator of how much the surrounding habitat has been affected. In a way, slimes and oozes in World of Warcraft are indicator species, giving important hints about the state of their environment.

There's not much I can say about the Ongar as an individual, as that concept is hard to apply to a slime. I will say, however, that the blue-green color is quite nice, probably my favorite ooze coloration. Interestingly, the Ongar shares this color with Sludginn (which I covered here), an ooze found in an area not usually considered to be corrupted. Maybe the Ongar is a rare, uncorrupted Felwood slime?

In closing, I love this guy if only because of the enormous joy when I finally found it. I love the slime model and the color and the Ongar has a nice surrounding to slush around in. All in all, a nice rare to encounter.

Until next time, bring a change of clothes. You might get slimed.



Skulda said...

That one eluded me too. I was looking for him because he had a slightly higher drop rate for the crate that held the slime pet.

Dragonshade said...

The weird thing is that when I went back there to take a better environment shot... I found it again. So I searched for it for months with no luck, got help finding it once, and then ran into it by pure chance... Weird things happen.

Emma said...

I like the tought of slimes as an indicators species, it hasn't occured to me, but it makes perfect sense. You see, the undead can do important enviromental research too, its not just bioweapons :)