Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hunting wolf: Gorefang

For some reason, Silverpine Forest is one of those regions in World of Warcraft that reminds me a lot of my native Sweden. Something about those dark, brooding pine forests and the cliffs that just appeals to me on a deep level. Of course, Sweden does not have quite as many worgen and other monsters, and fewer undead. Actually fewer wolves too, and most of them are in parks.

Today's rarespawn is Gorefang.

Basic facts

Gorefang is a rare mob worg found in Silverpine Forest in the Eastern Kingdoms.

There's a few reported spawn points for Gorefang on wowhead, but I don't think the creature truly has that wide of a distribution. I almost always find Gorefang near the Dead Field in the northern part of the zone, in the same general area as the many black worgs. Gorefang stands out because he uses the greyish worg color, and is the only worg in the zone to do so. It does not patrol very far, just pacing back and forth a small area where it spawns.

What's the story?

Gorefang is an average rarespawn when it comes to abilities and drops. It has a weak rend, and that's it. No special drops either. Thus Gorefang is an easy mob to kill, should you so wish.

One thing about Gorefang worth noting is that it is a pretty easy way to get a non-black worg for a Horde hunter. Most white and grey worgs are much higher in level (going into the 40s), or found exclusively in Alliance territory. For this reason alone, I think Gorefang is worth remembering should you ever want a nice-looking worg pet.

The idea of "worgs" or "wargs" being larger, more ferocious, more intelligent wolves is derived primarily from the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, who had wargs as semi-intelligent allies to his evil forces. It is interesting to note that World of Warcraft to some degree continues the association between orcs and wargs (now worgs), and also still has orcs riding these ferocious beasts rather than horses.

While we can't say much about Gorefang (even what gender it is), the close proximity to Arugal's Shadowfang Keep may be more than a coincidence. Many pale worgen patrol the area, and the black worgs in the forest have become more dangerous and bloodthirsty at the behest of the mad archmage. Actually, were it up to me I would decide that Gorefang is a pet of Arugal's worgen servant, Wolf Master Nandos, sent out to terrorize the Forsaken settlements.

Most notable for being an easily accessible "special" looking worg for Horde players, Gorefang is still a nice-looking rarespawn which meshes well with the zone it is found in.

Until next time... don't go howling at the moon.


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Skulda said...

Memories! :D
I had Gorefang until I was able to do Alterac Valley on my Orc Hunter. Awesome NPC and awesome name.