Thursday, July 29, 2010

The flip side of the coin: Sentinel Amarassan

In the last entry I talked about a high elf, so it seemed only fitting that I talk about a night elf in this entry. Without further ado!

This entry is about Sentinel Amarassan.

Tracking the sentinels

Sentinel Amarassan is a rare elite night elf located at Stonetalon Peak in the Stonetalon Mountains on Kalimdor.

The Sentinel is quite different from the last few rares I covered here in that she has a fixed patrol path, and quite a long one. She will walk from the entrance to the Talon Den along the mountain edge towards the exit where the road leads south. There she will turn around and walk back. This means that she is very easy to find if she is up. This also means that Horde players going for their quests inside the Talon Den or in the other nearby parts of the Peak may find themselves ambushed by her.

She is also very easy to spot, as she is the only night elf sentinel found in the southern half of the Peak.

The huntress becomes the hunted

Sentinel Amarassan is friendly towards the alliance and hostile towards the Horde, just like Jalinde Summerdrake. As an elite mob in an area of non-elites, she can be a nasty surprise for a Horde player caught unawares. Her combat consists of either spamming Wrath at ranged targets or changing into cat form and meleeing. Neither is very dangerous, but her large amount of health can pose a problem, especially if her opponent is still weak (after say fighting their way out of the Talon Den).

Be aware that Amarassan is a classic old world humanoid, and will thus run away at low health. This is, as usual, a source of annoyance if she manages to pull more mobs into the fight. If you do manage to finish her off, your reward is a standard uncommon quality magic item. No unique loot here!


Sentinel Amarassan is one of those rares who fits perfectly into her little area of the world. Stonetalon Peak is (as of this writing, it will change in Cataclysm) a verdant area under the care of the night elves. Here, druids perform their usual duty to heal and care for the land and keep the Peak free of the devastation that has befallen the rest of Stonetalon.

As such, and from her patrol path, it is clear that Amarassan is one of the defenders of the Peak. Her abilities mark her as a druid, which makes sense as "sentinel" is not the title of a specific profession, but of a duty. Sentinels scout and preserve the kaldorei forests against intruders, and while most are skilled with the bow and blade, there is no reason a druid or priest cannot become a sentinel.

Most likely, Amarassan is assigned to watch the path to the Talon Den and chase off intruders. With the number of Horde players doing quests here, it seems a valid concern that the Den is in danger. Poor Amarassan has her work cut out for her. She also has the normal sentinel uniform, which I think looks quite nice despite its age. It fits the blue/purple color scheme of night elves well.

All in all, another rare with a nice name, a nice little place in lore and some fairly unique behavior. Another memorable one to seek out and document, folks!

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