Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sad-eyed bog beast of the wetlands: Mirelow

Today's rarespawn is another bog beast (AKA "plant elemental"). These creatures are vaguely patterned after such legendary comics characters as the Swamp Thing and the Man-Thing (and by extension their grand-daddy the Heap), and this shows since they combine several design elements from those characters. Otherwise, the concept of plant-like shambling monsters are also present in Dungeons & Dragons, most likely another source of inspiration.

This entry concerns Mirelow.

Knee-deep in muck

Mirelow is a rare mob bog beast found in the Wetlands, in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Mirelow is somewhat tricky to locate. It can be found wandering along the waterways of the western part of the Wetlands, only north of the road to Menethil Harbor. Without an addon that locates rarespawns, Mirelow does stick out from the other bog beasts in the area by being a mixture of green and brown (instead of pure green).

Combat and abilities

Mirelow is a very simple combatant, as are most level 20-ish rarespawns. It is not an elite, does not hit very hard, and has only one special ability (Entangling Roots, resembling the druid spell). Mirelow has very little health and can be slain like any common mob in the area.

It should not pose a danger to anyone to defeat, even at the appropriate level. When defeated, Mirelow will of course drop a better-than-average level appropriate item, usually an uncommon quality magic item. It has no special drops.

Since it's so easily slain and wanders over a very large area, Mirelow was quite tricky for me to locate. I only lucked on it once, during nighttime (not in itself unusual, many of my rare 'finds' occur during night). Finding and photographing it may take some dedicated stalking.


Mirelow is not a special rare by any stretch. I cannot think of any special lore for it that doesn't apply to any other bog beast in the Wetlands. It may be one of the tainted elementals that have arisen recently in the area which Rethiel the Greenwarden fights against.

In Mirelow's defense, though, I will say that the particular color scheme used for it (which you normally don't see used much) looks very nice. I still like the bog beast model (with the little details such as the flowers on the upper torso), although it could of course benefit hugely from being spruced up. Mirelow also looks like cool creeping through the boggy waterways of the Wetlands, giving the whole scene an almost eerie look.

All in all, a not-very-special rarespawn that at least looks cool!

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